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Music and Art stimulate a very different part of student’s intellect and imagination. Young boys and girls spend much of their free time in art and music rooms that are housed separately.

The child opts for a ‘hobby’ on joining the school depending on his / her choice. The school wants every child to excel in some hobby by dedicating more time towards it. It takes certain time for a child to explore his / her talent and thus we have made it mandatory to learn a hobby at least for one term.

Every child is different and keeping that in mind we have given many choices to the child, they are:
• Art & Crafts
• Clay Modeling
• Paper craft
• Soft toys
• Cartooning
• Glass Painting
• Vegetable Carving
• Flower Arrangement
• Vocal Classical Music
• Indian Classical Instruments( Sitar, Tabla, Sarod etc.)

In the Fine Arts activity, children have a chance to learn the art of basket weaving & pottery.

They have also been given the opportunity to prepare a number of craft items, such as table coasters, file folders from handmade paper, painted vases & photograph stands. New items are continuously being added to the list.